Williams Trading Co. Shipping System JO’s Tri-Me Triple Packs

PENNSAUKEN, N.J.—Williams Trading Co. is shipping the newest System JO products: the System JO Tri-Me Triple Packs. These new packs are in stock for immediate wholesale orders.

“It’s really about value, options and curated sample packs,” said Tori McCrobie, U.S. account development for System JO parent company United Consortium. “Stores will love these because they are easy to get in people's hands, and they make quick recommendations as add-on or upsell items to increase basket size.”

As a way for retailers to help customers sample different types of System JO  products, each of the three Tri-Me Triple Pack varieties consists of a trio of System JO’s best-selling products in 1-ounce bottles, allowing the consumer to try a variety of products at a value price. While having testers available in stores is a great selling tool, sometimes consumers get overwhelmed by having so many choices and would like an easier option. 

System JO  Tri-Me Triple Packs are available in three varieties:

JO10058 Tri-Me Triple Pack Classics

Best for beginners, the Classics Pack offers customers a 1oz bottle of JO All-in-One Warming Massage Glide, which is a great option for both massage and lubrication; a 1oz bottle of H2O Water Based Lubricant that is fully compatible with all toy materials; and a 1oz bottle of System JO ’s best-selling H2O Juicy Pineapple flavored lubricant that is great for penetrative and oral sex. 


JO10059 Tri-Me Triple Pack Gelato

The Gelato Triple Pack contains three of System JO ’s best-selling Gelato Water-Based Personal Lubricant flavors: Salted Caramel, Creme Brulee, and Mint Chocolate. The Gelato line of System JO  flavored lubricants are made with the same great water-based formula as found in the H2O line, with an array of dessert flavors sure to satisfy any sweet tooth or coffee-shop aficionado. 


JO10060 Tri-Me Triple Pack Flavors

The Tri-Me Triple Pack Flavors contains three 1oz bottles of System JO ’s best selling flavored lubricants. Succulent Watermelon, Tropical Passion, and Strawberry Kisses are great for consumers who love fruit flavors. All three of these fun flavors are part of the best-selling System JO  H2O flavored line of lubricants, and some of the most popular among consumers. 


System JO’s Tri-Me Triple Packs are a great way to introduce consumers to high quality, body-safe lubricants, and a great way for retailers to build add-on sales. Customers will love the small size, which are perfect for travel, and the attractive, fun packaging make them a great suggestion for consumers who might be looking for something to give as a tasteful gift. 

View the new Tri-Me Packs here at the following wholesale link.

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