Womanizer Sets Sights High for 2018

BERLIN—The Womanizer group of companies continues to grow, and plans to launch new products throughout 2018 to continue its progress.

“We are extremely proud of the great success our products achieved in 2017,” said Johannes von Plettenberg, managing director of the Womanizer Group. “We have reached another milestone with the sale of our 1 millionth product. During the past few weeks, we have been expanding our corporate and trading structures, and are now strongly positioned in Asia, the USA and Europe. We are on course for even more success. We are especially grateful to our trading partners for helping us to achieve these shared accomplishments, and look forward to their continuing in 2018.”

Company spokesperson Johanna Rief announced two new product launches coming in 2018.

“We will put two new products on the market in January: The Womanizer Starlet and the Womanizer InsideOut!” Ref said. “The Starlet opens up a completely new product segment: it is the most reasonably priced Womanizer, making it the ideal ladies sex toy for beginners. The product will replace the dildo as the product usually tried out first by women.”

In addition, the company is launching the Womanizer InsideOut. The product not only offers contact free clitoral stimulation, but also G-point stimulation.

“We are taking a new approach here too: The Inside Out gives women a totally new feeling,” Rief said. “This product fulfills the wishes of many women, who also want to be vaginally stimulated and feel ‘filled out.’”

Womanizer and EIS GmbH have been involved in further court action, and Womanizer was able to gain another legal victory.

With its judgement of the first instance dated 21.11.2017 (file no.: 1 HK O 2902/17), the Munich I Regional Court ordered EIS GmbH to refrain from offering or advertising electrical stimulation devices in commercial activities, using the advertising message “100% hygienic – 100% safe … only our technology – with a single chamber and large opening – enables body fluids, lubricants or water entering to be completely removed, and is thus 100% hygienic and safe.” Womanizer had previously attained an interim injunction.

The court has judged that this type of sole position advertising with respect to cleansing is inadmissible under competition law. The court confirmed the statement made by Womanizer, to the effect that such thorough cleansing is of course possible with Womanizer products, and not only with technology used by EIS GmbH, fulfilling the end customers´ high quality standards.

“We are pleased to have scored another victory. It is encouraging to see that German courts will not tolerate the way EIS GmbH is acting,” von Plettenberg said. “The judgment confirms our policy of taking action against anti-competitive practices using all necessary means. We will continue to resist such transgressions in future.”

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