Warm Inc. Joins With eroPartner to Heat Up Europe

LOS ANGELES—Warm Inc. has partnered with eroPartner Distribution to offer Warm and Touch to European retailers.

“International expansion has been a goal of ours for some time. It’s exciting to us every day to have people reaching out from overseas asking ‘Please! When can I get these here?’ said Janine, co-founder of Warm Inc. “The very 1st Warm, Inc. product sold was actually to a customer in Switzerland. He shared with me, “his wife was worth it” and that he wanted to be the first one to have the product no matter how much the shipping cost. Expanding into such a passionate consumer market with a distributor as excited about the products as we are is really exciting!”

The heat-based bedroom accessories that have been setting US customers on fire this year are now available throughout the U.K. and EU in time to heat up 2018 holiday sales. Since their launch, both of these unique category-defining products have received international interest via Instagram @experiencewarm, email inquiries to Warm Inc. customer support and through influencer campaigns.

Warm Inc. has been responding to each eager request for availability with a message to “Stay tuned here so you can be the first to know!” The product launch will be promoted through social media and will run in conjunction with eroPartner’s retailers onboarding the products and local customers will be directed to their favorite stores so they can finally feel the heat!

eroPartner has established itself as one of the top European pleasure product distributors, recognized industry-wide for their outstanding customer service and an incredible support staff. Warm and Touch are a highly anticipated addition to their selection of premium intimate products and accessories.

Eropartner is now accepting pre-orders for Warm Inc. products.  

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