Holistic Wisdom Lists Best Sex Toys for 2024

BEND, Ore.—Holistic Wisdom, Inc. has just released a comprehensive guide to the best sex toys categories for 2024 written by Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., a clinical psychotherapist specializing in relationship and sexual health.

Lawless has listed the top 10 overhyped fads in selecting pleasure products, as well as detailing an authentic approach in guiding readers through a curated selection with practical advice for meaningful sexual fulfillment.

The guide is a helpful reference in reigniting the spark in the bedroom, navigating intimacy with health conditions, or finding a gift. It also delves into the innovation of air pulse stimulators, long-distance love with app-controlled vibrators, and enhanced solo sessions with the latest in male vibrators and masturbation sleeves—all recommended for their body-safe materials and user satisfaction.

Lawless said, "As you explore our guide, it's more than discovering a treasure trove of pleasure—it's about finding a reflection of your desires and sexual health goals."

Read the full guide here.

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