Tickle.Life Joins With Wellcelium to Grow Its Sex Ed Efforts

LOS ANGELESTickle.Life, the community-based platform for sex and sexuality, has partnered with Wellcelium, a new online school teaching sex, intimacy and relationship skills, in order to provide more resources to its members.

“Tickle.Life has been created as a bridge between the best of the industry and amazing sexual wellbeing providers and people who are exploring their services,” said Shakun Sethi, Tickle.Life founder and CEO. “With this partnership, we are a step closer and excited for nurturing the growth of human relationships.”

“We need each other right now because human connection is vital to all of our lives,” says Dr. Pavini Moray, Wellcelium creator. “But the COVID-19 pandemic has broken up our communities and stressed our relationships.”

This partnership aims to bring access to resources supporting intimacy, relationships, sexual and mental wellness around the world while bringing more visibility to the collaborators of Tickle.Life and sex educators at Wellcelium, through various marketing and content-sharing strategies by both websites.

For more information, visit Tickle.Life and Wellcelium.org.