The Oh Club Releases the Rose Gold Clitoral Licking Toy

LOS ANGELES—Pleasure products brand The Oh Club has announced the release of the Rose Gold Clitoral Licking Stimulation Toy.

Designed to deliver pleasure with pinpoint accuracy, the toy is one of the devices on the market that features strong clitoral stimulation. Made with body-safe silicone, the Rose Gold is hygienic, odorless, and smooth to the touch. 

Once activated, a small vibrating tongue comes out from the middle of the rose, delivering licking sensations which the user can customize and control as the rose comes complete with nine modes of licking and vibrating patterns.

A 100 percent waterproof product, the Rose Gold is the ideal shower or bathing companion and can be easily cleaned after intimate times using warm water and mild soap, or with a toy cleaner.  

The Oh Club's chief executive officer Devin Shanahan said, "In recent years, remarkable progress has been made in various aspects of pleasure product development, particularly in the realms of aesthetics and body safety. However, the positive transformations extend beyond these crucial domains. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, manufacturers have honed their focus on ensuring accessibility in adult toys, revolutionizing the industry."

Adult star Lumi Ray concurred, "I've noticed that my fascination with adult products has often been fueled by their aesthetics. I have a genuine love for stylish things, but it's interesting how this desire for variety doesn't extend to other aspects of my life. I wouldn't consider buying multiple versions of a tablet or handbag just for the sake of having different styles, even if there were slight differences. However, when it comes to sex toys, they somehow defy this line of thinking for me! I find myself drawn to the aesthetic possibilities they offer, and that's where The Oh Club truly shines!" 

Shanahan added, "For individuals seeking new and exhilarating experiences, many innovative and captivating products have emerged. People now have access to an extensive array of cool and exciting items like the Rose Gold that can enhance their enjoyment and satisfaction with a partner or during solo play. As the pleasure products industry continues to evolve, companies like The Oh Club are relentlessly pushing boundaries to create a more inclusive and thrilling experience for consumers. These recent advancements testify to our commitment to surpassing expectations."

Founded in 2022, The Oh Club advocates for sexual wellness through pleasure, education, and self-love. Join the conversation today on Twitter and Instagram.