Svakom, Amore Erotica Radio Ad Promotes App-Controlled Sex Toys

CYBERSPACE—The 30-second radio ad broadcast in Adelaide, South Australia's radio station, Fresh 92.7, a joint initiative of international sex toy brand Svakom and adult store Amore Erotica, is encouraging the use of app-controlled sex toys.

"Smartphone? Check. Smart vibrator? Check. Why ban phones from the bedroom when you can pair them with sex toys for ​​something a little extra?" This is the message of the radio ad in South Australia, promoting that there is no need to get off the phone when it can be used to "get off."

According to Svakom sexual wellness educator Vanessa Rose, the ad is aimed at normalizing the use of app-controlled sex toys as a healthy way for adults to interact in ways greater than touch alone.

Rose said, "Apps compatible with sex toys can be just as useful to adults as any other they download to their smart devices, particularly if they’re long-distance, watching movies, or have fans.

"Sexual wellness is as much a pillar of good health as sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Innovative technology with a focus on pleasure is available to help adults prioritize and pursue their sexual wellness in safe and consensual ways, so why not give it a go?"

Amore Erotica has been inundated with requests for Svakom app-controlled sex toys throughout the two-month campaign, which ends on the final week of May, National Masturbation Month. 

"We have consistently strived to be the leader in providing exceptional customer service as well as introducing a wide range of high-quality adult products," a spokesperson for Amore Erotica said. 

Rose concluded, "Svakom's app-controlled range lets users share control of their sex toy with a partner, text chat or video call them regardless of distance, as well as create their own vibration patterns using music, ambient sounds or line drawings. Taking sex-ploration even further, Svakom’s Connexion Series of app-controlled products also lets users sync their toy to adult video content or monetize webcam performances, opening limitless possibilities for fans and entertainers."