Porn Brand Erika Lust Offers Free Porn to Couples This Winter

CYBERSPACE—Sex-positive brand Erika Lust is offering free, ethically-made female-friendly porn to couples this winter, in a bid to keep relationships healthy, and turn January a.k.a. "Breakup Month" into "Makeup Month." 

• In the U.S., there are over 1.3 divorces per minute, peaking in the New Year, after a stressful festive season.
•According to Erika Lust, watching porn together could be the key to saving relationships by the new year, and offers a great way for couples to regain intimacy.
Erika Lust is offering couples free movies from the XConfessions platform this winter, as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.

According to divorce statistics, there are almost 1,889 divorces per day in the U.S, which averages out to roughly 79 divorces per hour, and this peaks in January, unofficially known as "National Breakup Month," with the first Monday of the new year dubbed as "Divorce Day." 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce and 60 percent of second marriages end in the same fate.

Erika Lust says watching porn together could be the solution and aim to lower the rate by offering free porn to couples. 

While there are many contributing factors to failed marriages and relationships, the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving can lead to added pressure. While couples tend to spend more time together during this season, often one of the top reasons that couples cite for separation is a lack of intimacy and connection. 

Award-winning director Erika Lust saw an opportunity to support couples and ensure survive the winter and enter the new year. Lust sees ethically-produced porn as a starting point for every couple wanting to create and maintain a healthy sexual relationship. With the XConfessions platform hitting the 10-year mark, Lust wanted to share this with a wider audience, for free. 

Lust said, "As a culture, we’re often suspicious of porn and its benefits and role in our relationships. We still talk about it as a taboo. Some people even consider it as 'cheating!' In reality, porn can have a profoundly beneficial effect on our relationships, you just need to break the taboo and find the one that suits you and your partner the most! Porn offers a path to a deeper connection, it allows you to share your fantasies, experiment, and include new practices in your sexual life. Porn is something to be shared together—it’s an experience, not a movie. I deeply encourage you to enjoy the beauty and sexuality of watching porn together!"

Renowned sexologist and in-house sex expert at Good Vibes, Dr. Carol Queen Ph.D. said, "Connecting couples with positive images of eroticism and intimacy, gives them a way to connect, whether they are living together or in a long-distance relationship. They can share their responses with each other when they do connect again. I know that phone sex and talking in bed can deepen connections, and talking about porn is such a fabulous way to get into that."

Luis Cornejo, certified sex therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist, said, "Intimacy is a cornerstone of any lasting relationship, and prolonged separations or lack of sexual activity often challenge this foundation. Ethically produced porn, like what Erika Lust offers, has the potential to rekindle that lost connection. Ethically-made porn fosters mutual respect, genuine passion, and prioritizes pleasure over performative sex. According to a 2020 study in the archives of sexual behavior, couples who view adult content together reported higher relationship satisfaction compared to those who watched alone or not at all. Engaging with this content can facilitate an open dialogue about desires and turn-ons, paving the way for a renewed sense of closeness."

Throughout 2023, all couples that want to rekindle or spice up their relationship can take advantage of the exclusive free category on XConfessions website. This exclusive free movie selection aims to decrease break-up and divorce rates.