System JO Rolls Out New Lube Formulation: Xtra Silky

CYBERSPACE—System JO is celebrating its first new product roll-out of the new year with the launch of its thinnest silicone lubricant yet: Xtra Silky.

Designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication, Xtra Silky is meant to enhance the pleasures of intimacy by helping to reduce friction and empower couples' intimate creativity: A blend of pharmaceutical and flirty; a product designed with safety in mind, but ideal for other adventures such as an erotic couples massage. 

“As the leaders in our industry, System JO Xtra Silky exudes premium, innovative, and confident. As with all JO products, we used only the highest quality ingredients. Xtra Silky is 510(k) certified, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee,” claimed Brian Woolard, US National Sales Director for System JO and CC Wellness. “Xtra Silky is the thinnest, longest lasting lubricant on the market and we are proud to launch it as System JO’s newest line.”

System JO believes that there is not one lube to rule them all, which is why it is constantly developing new options. It has built a new product that encourages discussion by consumers looking to find that perfect fit. On top of being long lasting, Xtra Silky is also fortified with Vitamin E for optimal moisturization that hydrates and protects. It has no preservatives, fragrances, and is free of siloxanes; just three simple quality ingredients, available in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz sizes.

With global headquarters in California, System JO, as part of CC Wellness, is a leading pharmaceutical company focused on delivering personal care and intimate wellness products in a socially responsible manner through science-based innovation and manufacturing.

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