System JO Announces Promo Contest Winner

LOS ANGELES—When System JO unveiled the new Gelato line of flavored lubricants at the recent ANME Founders Show, attendees were asked to rate their favorites for a chance to win a dream vacation. The lubricant manufacturer announced Glenn LeBoeuf, vice president of operations for Nalpac, was the grand prize winner.

“I’ve not been to any of the Virgin Islands yet and this has been a ‘bucket list’ trip for me for as long as I can remember,” said LeBoeuf. “After I got over the initial shock and disbelief [of winning], my response was, ‘St. John’s! Yay! Awesome! Woo hoo!’” 

The prize included airfare for two and a four-night stay at Siren USA, an exclusive, 5-acre community of villas.

System JO's poll contest revealed another winner in its' wake: Crème Brûlée, the top-rated flavor in the Gelato collection. 

“This has been our favorite since the first prototype was created,” said Ryan McCrobie, product education specialist. “It is always surprising to watch people taste it for the first time. They get a shocked look on their face and excitedly exclaim, ‘How did you make it so creamy?’” 

“JO did a great job with this line, and all of the flavors are spot-on,” said LeBoeuf. “We just showcased the line at our annual Open House and a broad range of customers, from conventional stores to boutiques to specialty stores, added it to their orders.” 

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