Swiss Navy Spotlights New Focus in Australia

POMPANO BEACH, Fla.—M.D. Science Lab, makers of the Swiss Navy brand, has announced a new directional focus for Swiss Navy within Australia.

M.D. Science Lab products are currently sold in over 48 countries worldwide and have continued to gain popularity throughout Australia for many years. 

M.D. Science Lab CEO Ralph Albrecht said, "We would like to thank CalVista and their team for their partnership through the years. Swiss Navy is excited to share that we’ll be going in a new direction in Australia. Our products will now be available at Lonbrook and AAPD, where we know our customers will receive exceptional service."

Each year, since its inception, M.D. Science Lab has created successful new sexual health and wellness products and has continued to gain a notable market share. Internationally successful products, which include Swiss Navy Lubricants, Viva Cream, and Max Nutritional Supplement Products, have made M.D. Science Lab an American success story. 

Albrecht said, "Our entire Swiss Navy family is sincerely thankful for the ongoing support of our brand and we know that, although hard, pivoting within the marketplace can help us continue to grow and thrive."

Swiss Navy invites Australian retailers to contact representatives at Lonbrook and AAPD to place orders and learn about future marketing and partnership plans.

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