Svakom Sponsors Guangzhou Pride Event

GUANGZHOU, China‚ÄĒSvakom announces the success of a Pride event it sponsored in Guangzhouin June 1, hosted by non-profit organization Zhitong Public Welfare Service Center.

Aiming to provide peer-driven health education and a place of community, Zhitong Public Welfare Service Center hosted an LGBTQIA+ quiz night designed to raise awareness of important LGBTQIA+ people throughout history and provide information surrounding sexuality.

Said a Svakom representative, "We were excited to sponsor this event because it held such potential, it was educational and looked like an amazing time. We offered two products to be given to two winners. The two winning participants of the quiz would be provided a congratulations card from Svakom where they could choose one of the available toys."

Svakom strives to be an inclusive brand suitable for people of all genders, sexuality and body types. The company provided the following toys for the 1st place winner to choose from: Ella Neo, Sam Neo, Vick Neo; 2nd place had the option of Hedy X or Tulip.

An event organizer said, "Everyone was super excited to win a Svakom prize. There was such a bursting atmosphere, everyone was competing trying to win."

Svakom aims to continue supporting organizations that take a positive approach to sexuality, offer education and community, and help to make a change in the world.

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