Svakom Reports Success at the AVN Adult Expo

LOS ANGELES—Svakom recently attended the AVN Adult Expo and reported a positive reception to its products and promotional content.

At the Expo, Svakom maintained a booth promoting its products and brand. Many guests commented on the presentation on the booth noting that the "booth looked incredible," and praised Svakom products for "how interactive they are, and the clean design."

Throughout the event, Svakom hosted a ring toss game where attendees had the opportunity to land three rings around Hannes Neo, the latest addition to Svakom’s interactive line; The Connexion Series. Winners were able to claim a free product as their prize.

Multiple Svakom brand ambassadors attended too, commenting, "People were really impressed with our products and brand ideals—we had attendees approaching our booth to let us know they had seen Svakom five years ago and were impressed by the exponential growth and commitment to innovative products."

Another representative commented, "It has always been our goal to give everyone the tools necessary for a healthy and active sex life, seeing people approach our booth and tell us how much they loved them, especially the interactive functions, was great to hear—and we sold out pretty fast! People would hear about our app control and interactive products and come back to get their hands on them."

Svakom expressed gratitude towards AVN for hosting—noting that the industry and the professionals within continue to be "amazing" and that it is "eager to make its presence known again in the future."

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