Svakom Marks 10 Years with 'Explore Your Limits' Promo, Box Set

LOS ANGELES—Adult toy manufacturer Svakom is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the launch of the Explore Your Limits campaign and a new limited-edition anniversary box set.

With its “Explore Your Limits” initiative, running from Oct. 15 to Dec. 15, participants will be encouraged to share their deepest desires via social media using the hashtag #explorewithsvakom for a chance to win what the company calls “The prize of a lifetime—manifesting their dreams into reality.”

“Everyone in this world has a dream, a wish, a desire that they have been holding deep in their heart for so long, leaving it to time to claim,” a Svakom brand ambassador said. “We have always been focused on giving back, offering people the chance to change their lives for the better, and while celebrating our tenth anniversary we want to go bigger than ever before.”

Svakom’s tenth-anniversary celebration has offered a range of content for customers to get involved with, while Explore Your Limits aims to focus on getting the public involved with the celebrations and offering a sincere thank you to Svakom users.

“No wish is too big or too small, whether you desperately want to learn how to surf or you want to immerse yourself in the flashing lights of an amusement park, we want to make it come true,” the brand ambassador continued. “Our dreams are so personal to us that we often forget to share them or keep putting them off convinced that it’s just not the right time. Well, the time is now. Chase your dream with feverish passion and get involved! We want to hear from everyone, we want to know what it is you want.”

Throughout the campaign period, participants can submit their wishes to Svakom via Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and either in text or video format. Each entry must include the hashtag #explorewithsvakom to be considered. For details, click here or visit

“We are very excited about this campaign, at every stage of planning there was a bubbling within as we wanted to get it ready as soon as possible, to share it with everyone,” the rep said. “Now the time has finally come, and we don’t want anyone to miss out. Get involved! Let us know your wish and you never know, it might just come true.”

A total of 10 winners will be announced on Dec. 30 and participants are encouraged to check their social media inboxes for any contact from Svakom representatives. All winners will be revealed on

Svakom is also debuting its new limited-edition anniversary box set as part of its celebration.

“Ten years… it’s an achievement,” a Svakom brand ambassador said. “it’s something we couldn’t have achieved without our loyal customers, so everything we have been planning to celebrate this occasion has had the people who use our products in mind.”

The box set, made in collaboration with Swiss Navy, will feature a collection of different tools to promote an active and healthy sex life. It contains an exclusive black & gold version of Svakom’s latest suction toy Pulse Pure, one bottle of Swiss Navy lube, one bottle of Swiss Navy toy cleaner, and a special blindfold/wrist tie set.

“We put a lot of thought into making this, what we think people will enjoy and what would put them in a splendid mood,” the rep said. “That is why we choose to collaborate with Swiss Navy, including a bottle of their lube and toy cleaner—as well as some other seductive surprises.

"Of course, that’s not all we wanted to do. This is time to rejoice, essentially, it’s our birthday. That’s why, in a select number of boxes some lucky people will find a glamorous Golden Ticket. We are really excited about this, and we hope people will be as well. A Svakom Golden Ticket will present the lucky recipient with the opportunity to claim 10 free Svakom toys! These can either be claimed immediately or over a period of ten years.”

Svakom’s Golden Ticket is available in a small number of boxes per region. Recipients must contact Svakom customer service with the unique code printed on the ticket in order to claim their prize.

Svakom’s 10th Anniversary limited-edition box set will be available in Europe, America, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, and Japan.

“Keep an eye out! You might just be one of the lucky ones” the brand ambassador concluded.

For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter.