Svakom Reps Return From Russian Fair-EroExpo

MOSCOW—Svakom representatives attended EroExpo in Moscow, Nov. 1-3.

“Russia has always been one of the biggest markets for Svakom, we are so glad to have  attended one of the this biggest fairs in Russia with our beloved distributor Asktol,” a company spokesperson said. “This time, EroExpo had brought together all of the manufacturers, distributors, small wholesale companies, and more than 400 retail owners from all over Russia. This was an exciting opportunity to meet all of our friends in person and present our new lines.” 

The Svakom representative further added, “A big surprise we had in store for our Russian friends, we presented our new product, a Svakom first-ever masturbator designed with innovation-- Alex. Alex is a powerful thrusting masturbator specially designed for male pleasure. With its realistic touch and immersive experience, we ensure you an ultimate pleasure. It is internally equipped with ultra-soft TPE material as well as 7 selective intense auto-thrusting modes and most importantly, we have created 5 different fantastic scenarios. Which have made Alex the most popular product in the fair.

“Siren and Nymph were also the hot topics at the fair, Siren is an Intense Double-Tongued Vibrator we launched at the Shanghai fair. Equipped with a super powerful motor, it brought many of our testers multiple intense orgasms. Surely it will bring you some unforgettable joys too. Iris and Siren are trending within interest and conversation among the customers and visitors in recent months at all trade fairs we have attended. Nymph is a finger moving vibrator that we designed for foreplay,” the rep continued.

A fan of Swakom who attended the expo had this to say: “The three fingers gently touch your most sensitive areas, while the rounded head stimulates intensely on your partner, what a dream!"

The Svakom representative concluded, “Many thanks to Asktol for providing us with this wonderful time to meet our Russian friends in person and thanks to all the distributors who have made us delightfully well known in Russia. We are flattered at the abundant turnout of people that had come to see us ! We love you as much as you love Svakom. See you soon Russia!” 

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