Now Shipping New Master Series Additions

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.— is now shipping the newest additions to its Master Series collection of advanced fetish and BDSM gear: Pussy Panties and Boner Briefs. These wearables are ideal for play with gender expression, affirming identities, and experimenting with sexual role reversal.

Master Series Silicone Pussy Panties are designed to allow users with penises to easily and comfortably tuck their penis and enjoy two unique bottoming experiences. Featuring both a penetrable textured vaginal canal and an anal opening, these Pussy Panties enable users to switch from receiving vaginal penetration to anal stimulation or penetration.

Master Series Silicone Boner Briefs have a large, poseable dildo with balls at the front so users can angle it for its desired use, either under clothing for an affirming bulge or for topping a partner. They also feature an anal opening that enables the user to receive anal stimulation or penetration while wearing them.

Pussy Panties and Boner Briefs are both made with premium silicone and feature realistic detail. 

“There’s not much like these products on the market right now and we are pleased to be one of the few distributors bringing them to retailers worldwide,” wholesale supervisor Brenda Reynoso said. “Pussy Panties and Boner Briefs allow users to experiment with different forms of sexual expression, which can be fun for people of any gender or orientation, while also playing with fantasy. These products are especially exciting because they are so well made. The premium silicone and intricate realistic detailing make them special and certainly eye-catching on store shelves.”

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