Sex with Emily Joins With Hot Octopuss For Marketing Campaign

LOS ANGELES—U.K.-based pleasure products manufacturer Hot Octopuss has teamed with Emily Morse and the Sex with Emily Podcast to build brand awareness and interest in their flagship product, Pulse III.

“I’ve known and admired Emily for some time,” said Hot Octopuss co-founder Adam Lewis. “From day one, I could tell she ‘got’ what we were all about. It’s really exciting to finally be working together to spread the word about the Pulse III.”

Dubbed the Guybrator, Pulse III is a unique product that cradles the penis from below and stimulates the sensitive underside with rapid pulsation. Despite the nickname, Pulse III doesn’t vibrate—it oscillates. So, rather than a buzzing sensation, the product’s PulsePlate delivers ‘tapping’ stimulation. The resulting orgasms are extremely unique and powerful.

“Fifty percent of my audience has a penis,” Emily said. “They hear me talking about innovative vibrators for women all the time, so it’s exciting to introduce them to a product designed just for them. I love everything Hot Octopuss is doing, and I’m really proud to partner with Adam and his entire team.”

With an audience that downloads her podcast nearly 1 million unique times each month, that adds up to a lot of penis owners. Outside the rapidly-growing podcast, Emily and the Sex with Emily team will also include Hot Octopuss’s promotions in content marketing within blog articles, videos, social media platforms, and mainstream publications.

“One of our biggest goals is to support our retailers by letting the world know we’re here,” Hot Octopuss co-founder and COO Jules Margo said. “The more people we can reach, the bigger the impact we’ll have on our entire supply chain. We know Emily’s platforms are a great outlet for us to do that.”

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