Sex With Dr. Jess Joins Zalo for ‘Evine After Dark’ TV Spot

CHICAGO—Zalo USA and sex and relationship coach Dr. Jessica O'Reilly of Sex with Dr. Jess are teaming up for a live TV spot on the popular late-night shopping series Evine After Dark.

“I’m a fan of their design. They’re not just utilitarian, but really beautiful — right down to their packaging and charm details,” O'Reilly said of her partnership with Zalo. “The branding reminds me of French pastries in that you eat them with your eyes first. Yes—they’re delicious and satiating, but just admiring them before you eat evokes a sense of desire and indulgence.

“They also have some very unique features,” she added. “The Queen, for example, has a pre-warming function and two types of vibrations: a traditional rumble and a unique wave sensation. You can experiment with different combinations to discover what works for you.”

The episode will air at 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET Friday, Oct. 26. O'Reilly will be on-air to educate viewers on enhancing their sexual play with hot bedroom tips and selections from Zalo's latest vibrator collections for both couples’ and solo play.

Viewers will be able to purchase some of Zalo's award-winning pleasure toys. O'Reilly will showcase the 24k gold-accented Rosalie dual-stim vibrator, a petite heart-shaped external massager called Baby Heart, and the Queen collection of dual-purpose clitoral pulse-wave stimulators and G-spot wands.

All of Zalo's high-end pleasure products are made with food-grade Dow Corning silicone and arrive in discreet, gift-worthy packaging. Zalo's highly-detailed brands and package designs explore myriad aspects of female sensuality, like the sheer power and divine beauty of Cleopatra in the Queen collection, and the more demure, steamy longings of well-mannered French Matriarchs in the Versailles toy line.

Airing live once per month, Evine After Dark is a spin-off of Evine's original daytime shopping series, Evine Live, which sells more typical vanilla fare like handbags, watches, and jewelry.

A mix of bedroom accessory sales and sex-positive talk TV, Evine After Dark features luxury romance and intimacy products like sex toys, lingerie, and sensual oils. The show debuted in September of 2017 and is hosted by Evine talk show personality Kimberly Wells and relationship coach Jen Elmquist.

“I’m really excited to work on this project with Evine and Zalo,” said O’Reilly. “I love the nostalgia of live television shopping since it ultimately laid the groundwork for online shopping, which is now the norm. I realize that Evine also drives a large percentage of sales online, but the live broadcast is what appeals to me — especially since they’re pushing their corporate comfort zone to feature vibrators like Zalo and other adult products!”

Evine After Dark regularly features guests like sex and relationship expert Dr. Sari Locker, holistic wellness coach Melissa Roberts, and somatic sexuality educator Amy Baldwin to create a comfortable atmosphere where viewers can learn how to spice up their sex lives while shopping for sex toys in the privacy of their own home.

“Research suggests that over half of American women own vibrators and this number is growing,” said O'Reilly. “While women are more likely to have used a vibrator, more couples are now using them together.

“I’ll be talking about how integrating sex toys into your sexual repertoire can help to reignite and maintain the spark by offering a sense of novelty and adventure, [and] cover the ways in which a vibrator like the Zalo Queen can enhance relationships,” O'Reilly added. “Research confirms that engaging in a variety of sexual activities is positively correlated with greater sexual satisfaction and gifting a toy like the Zalo Baby Heart will likely lead to new and exciting conversations.”

A Zalo representative said the company will be ready to take immediate orders on these featured brands and more for B2B customers wanting to take advantage of the Evine hype.

“We are handling the distribution direct to stores ourselves,” said a Zalo sales rep. “We refrain from scattering our products all over the e-commerce universe. Not only do we think a Zalo toy is more of a specialty item, perfectly designed for upscale boutiques, but we really care about the stores and sustainability of that format. Brick and mortar is the back bone that got us to where we stand today. We want to share our success.”

For more information on Zalo, visit or contact a representative at [email protected] or (888) 245-5282.