Satisfyer Pro 2 a Bestseller in the U.S.

BIELEFELD, Germany—German brand Satisfyer continues to find success in the North American market: the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a bestseller at five large retail chains in the U,S.

“We didn't really expect this success so fast. Retailers and end customers have made us their favorite product and we are very proud of it ,” said Jerome Bensimon, vice president of Sales for Satisfyer.

Satisfyer has provided women with Satisfyer Pro 2 and has brought female sexual wellness to a new level.

“Lots of women approach me and thank me for our product. Also they tell me how much we have changed their sexuality. It is great to see how happy these women are, and how much we have enhanced their lives with the Satisfyer Pro 2. It is a fantastic feeling and encourages us all in our work,” said Sales Director for Europe Sabine Schuchardt.

Reps from Satisfyer are convinced the new products will become top sellers as well. The various designs and affordable pricing combined with the well-known Satisfyer technology will soon make it possible for every woman to buy a Satisfyer.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is available for $ 89.99 (MSRP) in the following shops: Adam & Eve, Fascinations, Castle Megastore, Metro and Romantix.

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