Satisfyer Announces Lower Prices

BIELEFELD, Germany—EIS GmbH, makers of the Satisfyer family of products, announced it is lowering its prices.

“Our DNA at Satisfyer makes us totally focus on end consumers and give total priority to sell out. Becoming the most sold item in the world in less than 18 months and building a new dimension to sexual wellness new market, is requiring our complete attention and awareness, exchanging permanently with most of our partners and compiling sales data, leading us to be courageous to adjust our strategy at any time always for better results and anticipate our industry new challenges,” said Vice President of Sales Jerome Bensimon.

“This time has come again and we have decided to readjust us worldwide pricing strategy and conditions, to offer end consumers prices they are ready to pay, and maximize the tremendously growth at retail level,

without large prices variations in between different sales channels. All our retail prices (MSRP) are now reduced to best selling prices observed (where sales in units are maximized): As an example, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is now at $/Euro 59.95 worldwide. Our prices to distributors and key accounts are kept to the minimum, even with all products improvement (Next Generation, partner plus remote) and worldwide advertising campaign Satisfyer will start beginning of 2018,” he added. “Retailers’ margin will also offer less flexibility, but comfortable profit, bringing more competitive pricing with others sales network, translating in

larger sales volume. Our company will continue to invest at each of its partner level, in trade marketing and special actions to support our customer’s businesses.”

Satisfyer is planning to increase tremendously its turnover, investing a significant amount for 2018, 2019 and 2020 to promote Satisfyer Men and Satisfyer Women worldwide.

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