Romantic Adventures' Tami Rose Shares Tips With Daily Star UK

PEARL, Miss.Tami Rose, owner/operator of Jackson, Mississippi’s adult boutique Romantic Adventures, recently shared her risqué tips with UK’s Daily Star in an exclusive article, "How to Sex Up Your Halloween - from Pumpkin Orgasm Boosters to Saucy Spells."

Rose centers on the unexpected relationship between pumpkins and sexual wellness. "Eating the autumnal food can aid people who experience erectile dysfunction," she explains, given Mississippi's position as the third top state for diabetes, a condition known for impacting circulation and contributing to erectile dysfunction. 

Rose elaborated, "A significant amount of research shows that a diet rich in flavonoids and low in processed foods is always good for health and better sexual performance,” as pumpkins, which many in the South consider a 'storage crop', taste better after frosty weather, making them an ideal choice for the season. However, spicing up Halloween doesn’t stop at pumpkins. Rose suggests dressing up as a favorite character to up the odds of intimate engagements. "I find that after the pressure of lockdowns and social distancing, I am having to renew my own set of social skills."

Rose added, "Being able to dress up and having somewhere to go out and meet 3D people is stressful, but it's a huge relief to escape the Zoom calls, multiple messaging apps, and doom scrolling, as well as a welcome escape from the hellscape of modern dating apps. A simple party at a friend's house where I may meet someone new is both old school and a little refreshing."

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