Pornhub Gets Into Socks

NEW YORKPornhub today announced the launch of an exclusive sock line for athletes, fashionistas and "self-love enthusiasts." The debut collection features portraits of award-winning porn stars Asa Akira, Madison Ivy and Jonny Sinns.

“Here at Pornhub, we’ve been working diligently to provide our fans with apparel that is both synonymous with who we are and indicative of our personality and creativity,” vice president Corey Price said. “So it made complete sense for us to come out with a line of socks adorned with faces of porn stars, which will be used to clean up ‘messes’ caused by our 5M+ videos. So the next time you gear up to go hard, be sure to reach for your Pornhub socks for optimal performance.”

To promote the launch of Pornhub’s new sock line, the company has released a video spot paying tribute to classic training commercials by the likes of Nike, Under Armor and Adidas. Throughout the video, athletes are depicted going through their daily routines and persevering through adverse conditions. It ultimately encourages people to pick up a pair of Pornhub branded socks, "come hard and not stop until the very last drop." The video culminates with the hashtag #beatyourself, which fans can use to post pictures of themselves on social media in the socks. 

Pornhub’s new sock collection continues the company’s foray into the fitness industry. Recently, Pornhub announced the launch of BangFit, a gamified fitness program that allows users to tone, build and strengthen muscles through sexercise. Available for one, two and three players, BangFit displays—on laptop, desktop and tablets—a sex-based workout regimen that invites users to move along with the action in a selection of adult videos, along with the help of specially designed avatars programmed to keep the players’ pace. Using a synched smartphone, which players affix to their hips and which utilizes accelerometer and gyroscope technology, the game tracks the number of repetitions successfully completed, and scores and counts the calories burned.

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