pjur’s Sexy Six a Hit In The U.S.

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—pjur showcased its Sexy Six new products at the recent ANME show, where they were all well received.

CEO Richard Harris, CFO Jack Palmquist, Sales Manager John Marinello, and Client Relationship Manager Yasmeen Chism from the American pjur team were on hand and were joined by the founder and executive director of the pjur group, Alexander Giebel.

This show brought the first major phase of the campaign for the Sexy Six to an end. The six new products—pjur Cool with refreshing menthol, pjur Espresso with stimulating caffeine, pjur Woman Nude without additives, pjur Back Door Comfort, pjur Analyse Me! Comfort with natural hyaluron, and pjur Med After Shave Spray to calm the skin—were successfully unveiled in April in Australia, then in Russia and Europe. Retailers and customers were now afforded an opportunity to appreciate pjur’s Sexy Six in Los Angeles, too. The products were such a big hit in L.A. that all supplies stocked in warehouses were depleted after the first two days and more products had to be brought over from Europe.

The new commercials and information videos for pjur products played a decisive role as they have done on every other continent.

 “We are convinced that these videos provide valuable, state-of-the-art support for our stationary and online retail partners. Like the other fairs, the ANME Founder’s Show proved that our products and marketing materials are popular throughout the world and appeal time and again to retailers, old and new,” Alexander Giebel said, adding that “the show was really a resounding triumph for the entire team.”

For more information about pjur, go to pjur.com.