pjur med After Shave Tested and Confirmed by Actual Users

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—Shaving the armpits and the genital area is part of daily hygiene for many men and women nowadays. And nearly everyone is all too familiar with the problem: the skin, which is particularly sensitive at those places, bears the inevitably brunt. For some, the problem is itching, for others small blisters or pimples—an unpleasant affair in any event, that everyone would rather do without.

Launched this past spring, pjur med After Shave Spray promised the long-awaited solution to this problem. This has now been confirmed by the most prominent information portal for erotic products in German-speaking Europe, my-Lovetoy. Both men and women tested the product over a three-week period and were thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Sören, one of the participants, had this to say: “A very pleasant and relaxing sensation is felt on the skin shortly after the product is applied. pjur med After Shave contains no alcohol or perfume, so there is no burning even with minor cuts. You get that feeling as if the liquid is absorbed directly, leaving an odor-neutral film. This lubricating film is not sticky, however, like a cream.”

Another participant, Tina, was impressed particularly by the fact that the spray is completely odorless: “The after shave is absorbed immediately and produces a pleasant feeling. I think it is a very good thing that the product is odor-neutral, so that it cannot mix and clash with other scents, such as deodorant for instance.”

All participants agree that this product is an absolute asset for personal hygiene, according to the report. Angela, another participant, summed things up: “My bikini line should always look good, without any irritating blisters. pjur med After Shave makes me feel good with visible results.” And her husband, Sören concluded, “There are no pimples or itching either. I am so impressed that I will continue to use this after shave. Absolutely worthy of recommendation. Pimples are irritated by sweat when working out, and shaving becomes downright torture each time. pjur med After Shave is really an effective solution. It turns shaving the genital area into nice and simple fun.”

The full test report in German is available here.

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