pjur Group Taps CFL Multimodal As Logistics Partner

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—The pjur group has formed a partnership with CFL Multimodal, where the latter will be responsible for organizing the storage and transportation of pjur products. 

The new pjur warehouse is now located in Dudelange, Luxembourg.

“CFL is a global company with many years of experience and we are delighted to have such a reliable partner on our side, guaranteeing that our goods are stored and shipped as efficiently as possible,” said Patrick Giebel, chief financial officer/quality management representative at the pjur group.

As the pjur group continues to grow, the storage and shipping of its products has become more complex. pjur has therefore moved its operations to a larger, more modern warehouse in cooperation with an experienced partner in the logistics sector to ensure it can continue to provide customers with an optimum service as it continues to grow. 

CFL multimodal is an experienced company with thirteen locations in six European countries. It offers innovative, high-quality logistics solutions and is the ideal partner for the pjur group, with its site in Dudelange and 30,000 square meters of storage area. CFL multimodal also offers a combination of different infrastructures and links to key ports in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean as well as Europe's largest industrial centers.

The address of the pjur group's new warehouse is: 

pjur group Luxembourg S.A.

c/o CFL logistics

Eurohub Sud

Zone industrielle Riedgen

L-3451 Dudelange

GPS: 49.500N, 6.110E

For more, visit pjurGroupUSA.com.