pjur Products Available at Condoms & Co. in Barcelona

BARCELONA, SpainSince August, pjur products have been given greater exposure in the Condoms & Co.’s seven stores in Barcelona. pjur products are on show on the shop floor with freestanding displays, as well as in two shop windows. The displays make the most of the latest point-of-sale material, including the product glorifier. 

In Spain, the sale of adult products is still associated with dark, unattractive rooms. Condoms & Co. want to consciously break this cliche. The retailer has chosen a friendly, open design, a display area with vibrant colors, and inviting lighting. The aim is to destigmatize buying sex toys and personal lubricants and connect with a far broader customer base. This concept has been successfully implemented across all seven stores in Barcelona.

To view pjur products, visit pjur.com.