pjur Awards 500 Euros During eroFame

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—During the recent eroFame show, representatives from pjur awarded one lucky guest 500 euros.

In addition to giving away an iPad and a pjur SPA bathrobe on the first and second days of the event, pjur also organized the extra campaign at the event's traditional Oktoberfest celebrations.

In keeping with the theme of the new pjur SPA ScenTouch range launched this year, pjur gave away around 1,300 cooling masks at the Oktoberfest. However, these weren't just for relaxation, they were also part of a competition. Everyone who submitted a photo of themselves wearing a mask had the chance to win 500 euros. Tess Hansen's photo was chosen from the many different pictures sent in. She submitted the winning photo with a friend and bagged the 500 euros prize. 

“The competition was a complete success. We received lots of great photos—some of which were also really funny. Thank you to everyone who took part,” said Michael Bart, head of global marketing and online marketing at pjur. “Next year, there’ll be more chances to win great prizes at eroFame.”

Find out more about pjur at pjur.com.