pjur Woman Toy Clean Performs Well In myLovetoy Test

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—Once again, a pjur product has received rave reviews from testers at the German online portal myLovetoy. pjur Woman Toy Clean, the special cleaning product for sex toys, was tested by users over the past three weeks and finished with outstanding results.

Bettina is convinced: “I think it’s great that the spray is alcohol-free. It says the product can be used to clean silicone and latex, which I can definitely confirm. It is also excellent for spot cleaning or spots that have dried in place the next morning. It gives me the impression that it keeps the toys more free of germs or makes them more hygienic. It definitely made a positive impression on me.”

Tina and Frank have also decided to include pjur Woman Toy Clean in their love lives from now on: “You simply have a better feeling than if you just wash the toys with water alone. It will definitely become a regular thing for us. We also think it offers excellent value for the money. We will recommend it without hesitation to anyone who asks!”

“Naturally, we cleaned our toys thoroughly with soap and water before, but I definitely agree with the other reviewers. You just have a better personal feeling,” Tom and Bianca said, “We would recommend the toy cleaner from pjur to anyone!”

The myLovetoy editorial team also adds the following: „This product has been tested by dermatologists. It is easy to handle and removes all of the bacteria and fungi that can form with regular use of sex toys. But it is also highly recommended for new products in order to rid them of germs before the first use.“

Find the complete review in German here: http://goo.gl/qqlT74.

To learn more about pjur, visit pjur.com.