pjur Deems Trade Show Appearance A Success

BURBANK, Calif.—pjur reps have returned from a highly successful ANME Founders Show in Los Angeles. Marketing the new slat wall display, the cardboard display and the additive-free pjur Woman Nude attracted numerous customers to the pjur booth, allowing the brand to achieve record sales at the show. CEO Alexander Giebel and Ralph Ehses, head of global sales and business Development, both came from Luxemburg in order to support Richie Harris and the pjur USA team.

Visitors were especially enthusiastic about the presentation of the new slat wall display: its flexibility and compactness offer retailers the possibility of arranging pjur products according to topic in their stores. The display can be filled with any combination of products, along with the respective articles for gays, women, or fetish practices. The shop owner can decide where and how to organize the pjur products on the display.

This approach will allows the pjur group to place the emphasis on small and adaptable tools instead of fixed, oversized display walls. The new pjur cardboard display, which can be set up in just a few seconds, is pursuing the same concept: made of high-quality laminated cardboard, they can be presented just about anywhere – on the shelf or on the counter. Visitors to the show were also especially pleased to see the different variants of the med line display, as well as the elements of love series, and pjur gay products.

Last but not least, pjur presented the American market its product for the health conscious and aware woman: pjur Woman Nude, the lubricant that contains no preservatives, glycerin, or paraben. This top seller attracted a great deal of interest because it maintains its lubricating effect for an extremely long time without the need for additives.

With the introduction of these innovations and numerous personal appointments made in advance, the pjur booth was extremely well-visited during the entire course of the show. Richie Harris, CEO of pjur group USA, says: "If the show gets shortened to two days, it would be tragic for us, since we would no longer be able to accommodate the customer demand for meetings.“

In addition to the new products and displays presented at the booth, the visitors were also delighted by the pjur swags such as iPhone Calculators, pjur post-it books, T-shirts and even thumb drives.

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