Perfect Fit Brand Wins Award at IVD/ECN Show

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—Florida-based men’s sexual health products company Perfect Fit Brand earned East Coast News’ Best Male-Oriented Product honors for its pleasure products line at the IVD/ECN Fall Show last week.

Hosted by ECN Retail Coordinator Justin Vickers and Wicked Pictures’ jessica drake, the awards were voted on exclusively by ECN’s customers over the past summer.

 “It’s such an honor to be voted to receive the Best Male-Oriented Product, in addition to receiving several other nominations,” said Steve Callow, Perfect Fit Brand president and CEO. “It was the icing on the cake of a very wonderful event. What a thrill to be in Stowe for this event with ECN’s retailers; we had amazing opportunities to discuss our product line and present our newest products. Thank you to ECN, for putting this event together, and to their customers for this recognition.”

“We’re thrilled to present Perfect Fit Brand with this award,” said ECN Marketing Director Anthony Pingicer. “Perfect Fit Brand’s products are very popular with our retail partners, and it’s no surprise when it came time to vote this summer, that they received the accolades it did. Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing all of the new products on our customers’ retail shelves soon!”

Founded in 2011 and establishing itself as a driving force in the adult novelty industry, Perfect Fit Brand designs and manufactures unique, cutting-edge products, offering groundbreaking innovations for the sexual health of men, women, and couples. An important aspect of Perfect Fit Brand’s philosophy and ultimate success is to ensure its customers are educated in the proper use of their unique products. With a comprehensive website offering information on products which may not be available at retail locations, the company offers video demonstrations, articles, and detailed product information. 

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