Ovo Lifestyle Toys Returns From Successful eroFame Show

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla.—Reps from Ovo Lifestyle Toys have returned from a successful eroFame show.

“The feedback we received at the show was amazing,” said Samantha Brown, brand ambassador. “eroFame is always a great way to introduce new products and get honest opinions. And this year’s event certainly helped. It was also very cool to see partners like ABS Holdings and Scala Playhouse display Ovo so proudly in their own booths.” 

Ovo Lifestyle Toys introduced the Phase 3 line of toys features at the show, all with a swirly design that enhances the new powerful motors, making the silky soft silicone move in a wavy motion. Additionally, Ovo unveiled a brand new sleeved box that features updated icons and specific educational selling points unique to each toy. Both retailers and distributors alike were impressed with the new packaging style and the toys themselves. 

Ovo also previewed six new battery-powered toys in very stylish new colors, including a Tiffany blue. The collection is a mix of rabbits and straight vibes in multiple sizes, keeping true to the unique design that Ovo has come to be known for. 

“eroFame was a huge success for us,” said Helle Panzieri, global sales director for Ovo. “It was great to see so many show attendees interested in our products. We also signed a few new distributors during the show, and we are very eager to get to work with them!” 

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