O!Zone Owner Talks Vegan Condoms

BOISE, IdahoCaryn Thompson, owner of the O!Zone Comdom Shop and an importer of RFSU Swedish vegan condoms, was recently a guest on Ryan Kessman’s radio program, GetInRadio.org.

Kessman requested Thomson’s condom knowledge to help educate his listeners. After experiencing RFSU’s unique design and feel, Kessman raved about the quality as far superior to all others.

“Vegan is not just what you eat, but a lifestyle.  People want quality not only at the dinner table, but in the bedroom too,” Thompson said.

RFSU Swedish vegan condoms paired with Encounter Amazing Clitoral/G Spot vegan lube is like fine wine and cheese without a trip toFrance, she added.

For more information, visit OZoneCondoms.com.