Naughty Expert Sienna Sinclaire Ready To Show Off Sexy Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles is full of sexy, naughty history. From the Hustler Store, romps through the red-light district at the turn-of-the-century, burlesque and more and founder of the Naughty Empire and author of multi-award winning naughty travel guides, Sienna Sinclaire is ready to unveil her Naughty History of Los Angeles.

“There are so many intriguing facts about Los Angeles,” Sienna said. “As a history buff and looking for untraditional facts about the cities I write about, I’m constantly fascinated with what I discover touring new places, but uncovering the sexy and erotic places in my own backyard is a fun history lesson every day.”

Drawing on her extensive research and visiting each place to compile the naughtiest places and her favorite sexiest spots, Sienna can discuss:

• The early beginnings of naughty Los Angeles

• The rise of naughty Hollywood

• Sexy Hollywood nightlife in the past – where promiscuous celebrities when to play, but kept quiet (unlike today!)

• The Will Hays Code and its effect on the movie industry

• Porno chic

• Madame’s

• Burlesque venues in the 50s and their revival in the 90s

• Current naughty history of Los Angeles

• Favorite naughty places in other cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Vancouver and even the Wild West


In fact, Sienna welcomes booking personal tours to show everyone what’s lurking deep in and around the City of Lights.

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