Mystim Anticipates Huge Success At Summer ANME

ALZENAU, DE—Mystim, a leading manufacturer of high-quality erotic toys, is gearing up for this summer's ANME Founders Show, and for the second time this year, the innovative company will present new products and proven bestsellers that offer their users a stimulation and satisfaction experience in a class of its own. The ANME Show will take place in Burbank, CA July 15-17, 2019.

Mystim’s main focus is on the new, beautifully designed e-stim masturbator Opus E, an innovative product that is available in three versions: vaginal, anal and donut-shaped.

"The senses are so strongly stimulated by our fully-fledged e-stim masturbator Opus E that you get the feeling of having real sex with another person," stated Christoph Hofmann, CEO and founder of Mystim.

Now available in the USA, the Opus E offers something very special: Conductive strips which are fixed inside the soft masturbator. Transmitted electrical impulses arrive exactly where they are supposed to go: From the root to the tip of the penis.

 “Due to its realistic internal structure, it is suitable for almost all stimulation current devices and is remote controllable from the Sultry Sub Black Edition onwards and can be operated wirelessly,” added Hofmann.

To support the sale of the Opus E, Mystim has created promotional materials for interested retailers. In addition to shelftalkers, posters and roll-ups, there is also a sales display including a 7" video screen on which an explanatory video of the product runs. The display (valued at $159) is available free of charge for dealers with a minimum order of 10 masturbators. In addition, texts, pictures and videos are available for interested online dealers as usual.

But also other proven products and product lines from Mystim will not be forgotten at the ANME Show. In addition to the optional e-stim function, the cook cage Pubic Enemy No. 3 offers a size-adjustable testicle squeezer which allows longer use due to movable joints. Another feature is the spacers "Fang Gang" with piercing thorns. “Harsh conditions of detention, we call it,” Hofmann said with a smile.

Mystim MasturbaTIN recommends a humorous, reasonably priced take-away item: Masturbators in small boxes with different exciting textures for more variety and for single use.

 “Many more of our products and product lines, such as classic vibrators, dildos or our vibrating Geisha Balls, we will have in luggage. In just a few days, we look forward to welcoming interested visitors, well-known and new contacts, to our newly designed exhibition booth to present our large product range and our innovations," declared Hofmann.

A humorous video about the pleasures of electrosimulation may be found here.