Fun Factory Launches April Sale With 'Mood Ring' Prank

LOS ANGELES—In keeping with April Fools' Day, Fun Factory is pranking customers with the apparent debut of the "NŌS Mood Cock Ring," a fun kick-off to its April Sale, featuring a 20 percent discount on any product.

The NŌS Mood Ring is touted as a sensor that measures biomarkers such as penis turgidity, heart rate, hormone levels in sweat and localized body temperature to reveal the mood of its wearer. 

After an instantaneous reading of these biomarkers, the ring’s button panel, according to its promo materials, will turn one of the following colors:  

• Light blue: Somewhat relaxed.
Magenta: Five-alarm horny.
White: Brink of orgasm.
Coral: Anally curious.
Light purple: Craving balls play.
Pale gray: Thinking of someone else.

“NŌS Mood Ring combines personalization, technology and pleasure to offer the most highly advanced cock ring on the market today," said Kristen Tribby, head of global marketing and education at Fun Factory. "We've released state-of-the-art sex tech to improve communication between partners during sex, when blood is rushing to the genitals and away from the brain. In that charged setting, NŌS Mood Ring helps you express yourself without any conscious effort. 

“Launching the NŌS Mood Ring is yet another step forward in innovation for us. After spending years on research and development, we could not be more proud and excited to bring this to the market.” 

Zachary Zane, sex expert at Fun Factory, added: “The rumors were swirling for a while, and no one was sure if this product was real or not. I literally cannot wait to get my hands, or cock, on one to see how it heightens the communications between me and my partner. A cock ring that reads your feelings—it’s just genius!”   

Although the penis ring is a joke and not real, customers can take advantage of the April Sale by using the discount code APRILFOOLS24 for 20 percent off on any Fun Factory product—including the regular NŌS Ring for simultaneous orgasm during PIV sex—through April 8 while supplies last. The offer excludes gift cards, Fun Kits, and products not made by Fun Factory. Offer ends April 8 at midnight PT and the discount cannot be combined with other offers.

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