Mangoceuticals Offers Its E.D. Products to Sunday's Losing Team

DALLASMangoceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: MGRX), also known as MangoRx, a maker of men’s health and wellness products, is offering a free one-year supply of its Mango ED products for the entire losing team of Sunday’s big game.

"The sting of defeat, whether in sports or life, can echo into our intimate lives, as studies link depression and performance anxiety with erectile dysfunction, illuminating the profound impact of our emotional health on physical performance in the bedroom,” said MangoRx advisory board member Dr. Douglas Christianson.

In addition to offering the losing team’s players the opportunity to score, fans can also get in on the fun with a special discount code equal to the game’s point difference, along with discounts site-wide. This code will be available to fans following the results of the game. 

MangoRx’s signature ED product Mango is a uniquely formulated drug which leverages the active ingredients found in either Cialis (Tadalafil) or Viagra (Sildenafil). MangoRx’s Tadalafil and Sildenafil based Mango ED products are compounded with both Oxytocin and L-Arginine in a tasty Mango-flavored, rapid dissolve tablet (RDT).

“Just because your team doesn’t perform on the field, doesn’t mean the fans shouldn’t be able to score. We understand the daily pressures for men that come with everyday life and the sadness that comes when your team can’t put it through the goal post,” said Jacob Cohen, co-founder and CEO of MangoRx. “These pressures ultimately affect performance, and our job is to help the fans avoid any false starts, and make sure you get it through the uprights every time.”

MangoRx will also be the marquee sponsor for several of Barstool Sports’ week-long programming surrounding the big game in Las Vegas including “The Dozen Trivia Live Show Pro-Am" eith Dave Portnoy and other Barstool fan favorites, “Stool Scenes,” “The Rundown” and others, in addition to sponsoring the big game’s day-of livestream from Chicago HQ, the brand’s content house in Las Vegas, and several other podcasts and radio shows. 

In addition, as a Marquee Sponsor, MangoRx will be prominently featured on the Barstool Podcasts through March 15, with an estimated number of over 7 million views and impressions. MangoRx’s products and branding will also be present throughout the company's newly opened Chicago HQ.

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