Joyboxx + Playtray Ramps Up Production for Valentine’s Day

SEATTLE—Pleasure products manufacturer Passionate Playground has increased production to meet COVID-related demand for its hygienic sex toy cleaning and storage system, Joyboxx + Playtray.

Personal hygiene products and sex toys sales have surged during the pandemic due to adults seeking ways to stay germ-free and spice up their quarantine lives. These consumers are also discovering the need for a safe, trustworthy system to wash, dry, charge and lock up their new collections.

Joyboxx + Playtray is the only cleaning and storage system that gives consumers the tools to protect themselves, their environment and their pleasure products before, during and after use.

Passionate Playground's products are made in Washington State with body-safe, food-grade, BPA-free, recyclable, virgin polypropylene. The labor-intensive manufacturing and assembly process takes a few weeks to manufacture 10,000 units.

Founder and inventor Deborah Semer stated, “Navigating consumer demand for essential products, plus the global scramble for raw materials, and business shut-downs has been an epic game of whack-a-mole to keep manufacturing going and growing. I’m so proud of our small team.”

Semer notes that the system’s key features are "HOLEistically" designed for peace of mind:

• Renew: 100 percent recyclable & dishwasher safe
• Relax: Vent holes dry & two locks stop prying eyes
• Recharge: While electronics stay germ free
• Refresh: Set items on Playtray, wash & dry dirt away
• Recommended: by doctors to prevent infections

Joyboxx + Playtray can be purchased in time for Valentine’s Day at and adult brick-and-mortar retail and e-tail shops such as Hustler, Fascinations, Adam & Eve, Lovehoney, She-Vibe, Spectrum Boutique and more.