Hustler Features Jenny Jaffe, Brooke Candy & Afterlife Options

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—Jenny Jaffe has written, starred in and directed her own show on IFC, Neurotica—all at just 28 years of age! In the May issue of Hustler, the fiery-maned comedian cracks the whip and discusses mad respect for the dominatrix life, eating CLIF bars with cannibals and her admiration for the ink quality of nudie pens. Also, with her brand-new EP set to drop, rap sensation Brooke Candy releases her every inhibition and shares naked pics and new lyrics from Who Cares. Finally (but not literally), the one thing certain in life is death. What’s less certain is how one will be buried. From eternal reefs to body farms, the new Hustler explores new options for the afterlife.

On the political side of things, in his Publisher’s Statement, Hustler owner Larry Flynt calls out Donald Trump for his sordid history of racism. Flynt says the evidence dates all the way back to 1973, when the President was sued by the Justice Department for housing discrimination against African-Americans. More recently he called Haiti, El Salvador and African nations “shitholes” in an immigration meeting. “We’ve made a lot of progress toward racial justice since 1973, but Donald Trump has not really budged an inch,” Flynt argues before stating that he hopes that in the next election, “Americans will vote their hearts and realize that the moral fiber of this country is critical to our future.”  

Cassie Laine graces this month’s cover along with a beautiful 12-page centerfold spread with additional layouts featuring Lola Pearl, Ariana Marie, Alexa Grace, Bridgette B. and more. Plus, supersexy science geeks conduct an experiment in ecstasy and test the limits of their lust in “The Science of Sex.”

Hustler is one of America’s most popular adult magazines. Based in Beverly Hills, California, it has published monthly since July 1974 and continues to deliver the most naked pages of any adult publication available today.