German Court Rules in Favor of WOW Tech, Womanizer

BERLIN—The Munich regional court (Landgericht München I) has ruled in favor of WOW Tech Group(Novoluto GmbH) in a utility patent infringement lawsuit against Venize Trading GmbH.

“Innovation is the fuel of our industry,” says Johannes Plettenberg, managing director of WOW Tech. “No products illustrate that better than those from Womanizer and We-Vibe. Our research and development investments bring to market new products that broadly benefit retailers and distributors worldwide. The future of our industry relies on those investments and on trusted partners that support innovation and respect intellectual property.”

The court found that Venize Trading’s clitoral stimulator, Lumunu Traumtänzer (Dream Dancer), infringes a utility patent covering Womanizer Pleasure Air Technology products.

Following the ruling, the parties agreed to settle the dispute. The settlement includes the immediate removal of infringing products from the market, penalties of up to €10,000 per unit for any further sales, and an undisclosed settlement payment. Venize Trading will destroy any remaining Traumtänzer inventory and submit to third-party sales audits. Furthermore, the two companies agreed to work together by making Venize Trading a new Womanizer direct retail partner.  

WOW Tech International will continue to protect its valuable intellectual property rights and pursue legal actions against those who manufacture, distribute, market and/or sell products that infringe on those rights.