Feelztoys’ Geisha Balls Available From Eropartner

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands—Double the pleasure with the Jena Geisha balls from Feelztoys. 

The Jena Geisha balls cause intense orgasms, pleasure while they’re in use and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. 

The Geisha balls are silent. You can wear them without anyone noticing while working towards intense orgasms by training your pelvic floor muscles. You can wear them while going about your daily activities. When you’re walking, swimming or engaged in another form of activity, the movement of the weights causes a subtle contraction of the vaginal muscles, generating an intensely pleasurable sensation.
If you’re just starting to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, it is important to gradually build up the duration that you wear the balls. Start with a few minutes at a time, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Stick to a build-up schedule. Depending on the condition of your pelvic floor muscles, it can take up to 12 weeks before you can wear the balls for 30 minutes.
If wearing the Jena balls feels uncomfortable because you feel like they could slide out, remove them. You will be able to wear the balls longer as your pelvic floor muscles grow stronger. 

Jena from Feelztoys is now available at Eropartner Distribution. Visit Eropartner.com for more.