Eropartner Now Stocking The Ladystroker Love Machine

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands—The Ladystroker, a handheld love-machine for those who crave more intensity than “just” vibrations, is now in stock at EroPartner Distribution.

The Ladystroker is made of silky soft silicone and features a pink-and-white color scheme.

The piece has a powerful motor and real stroking movements to make it feel like the real thing. The stroking movements are everything but boring, because the nine extensions patterns allows you to vary and play the way you like it. The silky soft silicone shaft extends and retracts 9cm to 15cm from its holder, delivering an intense realistic loving sensation. 

The extra long cable of 3m gives users enough space to play around. Additionally, The Ladystroker has an EU-plug included, so there are no restrictions in pleasure.

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