Eropartner Has Mangasm Available For Customers

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands—The Mangasm—the stroker molded form the winners of 2015’s World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest—is in stock and available for shipment from adult distributor Eropartner.

During the contest, millions of people from 180 countries visited to vote for the most beautiful vagina in the world. The vaginas of the three winners were printed in 3D to create the most realistic silicon version of the real one. 

The shaft is transparent so you can see the action. The tops are flesh colored and feel real. Every stroker has a unique texture on the inside and is imprinted deeply in the handle so you can feel it all the way.

The Mangasm collection also offers a lifetime guarantee. The stroker is made of is made from non-porous silicone that cannot be penetrated by bacteria and is completely odorless. The best part is, the vulva replicated onto these stroker was 3D scanned from the winner of the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest.

Mangasm is now available at