New LoversPremium Massage Candles Now Available from Eropartner

THE NETHERLANDS — The new four-in-one candles from LoversPremium are fun and easy to use. They are a candle, moisturizing lotion, massage oil, and body balm all in one!

The scented massage candles, which are enriched with natural ingredients, can be enjoyed together. Once melted, the temperature of the candle is only 38° Celsius, which is comparable with a hot tub.

The massage candles are available in three scents: Japanese Plum, Pink Flower, and Vanilla Cream.

Candles can be used as a body-warm massage lotion, care balm, and moisturizing cream. Just light the wick and wait until the burning pool is fluid. Extinguish the flame, wait a little while, and then massage the warm liquid gently into the skin.

LoversPremium is now available at Eropartner Distribution.