eroPartner Distribution Now Carrying Fleshlight Turbo

THE NETHERLANDS—Fleshlight’s Turbo is designed to simulate “the ultimate blowjob” and is now in stock and ready for shipment through eroPartner Distribution.

The Fleshlight Turbo is one of the most effective blowjob simulators of all time. Fleshlight Turbo leaves little to the imagination. The groundbreaking unique double opening orifice is only available on Turbo Fleshlight models.

What makes the Turbo so fundamentally different is the fact that its specifically designed to simulate the three main blowjob sensations: lips, tongue and throat.

There are two different Fleshlight Turbo designs, Thrust and Ignition.  While both come in different colors (Blue Ice and Copper), the real difference between the two is on the inside; each of them is designed to feel different on a penis.

Both the Ignition and Thrust Fleshlights feature transparent exteriors which boast the usual dimensions you’d expect, although the exterior finish itself differs wildly from what you’ve come to expect. Instead of sleek housing and discreet designs, these models boast a more futuristic appearance.

Fleshlight has always offered a lips orifice for those lovers of oral sex but now they have taken it to the next level with Turbo, the most realistic blowjobs machine ever created. 

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