Eropartner Carrying Mystim’s 3 New Aluminium Dildos For Beginners

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands—Mystim added three new e-stim dildos to their collection and Eropartner has them in stock.

The metal Funky Fella, Glossy Glen and Bold Boris are especially designed for beginners and have therefore a smaller size than the e-stim toys for more experienced users.

Aluminium is the best material for electrical conduction and is easy to clean and because of the non-allergic properties very hygienic. The dildos are already bi-polar so you can conduct them without having attached to an external electrode. 

The dildo’s can be used purely or attached to an e-stim unit for an extra intense stimulation.
In order to enjoy the endless tingles or strongly throbbing sensations of e-stim you need to attach these accessories to an e-stim box, the dildos are suitable for all Mystim power boxes.
All Mystim’s metal dildos are made, polished, cleaned and checked by hand in Germany and they come in a gift box packaging.

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