Entrenue Now Shipping ‘La Nua’ Glides and Lubricants

PHOENIX—Entrenue has announced that it is now shipping a range of items from the new sexual wellness brand La Nua. The line boasts lubricants, toy cleaners, and arousal serums "designed to make users feel confident about the intimate cosmetics they put on and in their bodies."

From the ingredients down to the bottles, every aspect of La Nua’s products is carefully considered with the user’s health and wellness in mind. The company is committed to creating products that do not harm the planet, and it uses ingredients that are all rated between 0 to 2 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which scores consumer products on a scale of 0 to10—0 being the cleanest, 10 being the most harmful.

The La Nua items that will be available from Entrenue are as follows:

• La Nua Unflavored Water-Based Lube, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Water-Based Warming Lube, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Strawberry Coconut Lube, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Watermelon Mint Lube, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Honey Vanilla Lube, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Cucumber Aloe Lube, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Silicone Lubricant, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Foaming Toy Cleaner, 250ml
• La Nua Mist Toy Cleaner, 100ml and 200ml
• La Nua Arousal Serum, 50ml 

“We are so excited about La Nua and can’t wait for our customers to get their hands on them,” Entrenue CEOwner Joe Casella said. “This company is making high-quality, effective products that consumers can trust, and they are packaged so beautifully. La Nua’s transparency makes them trustworthy to a degree seldom seen in adult retail, which we know will land well with today’s discerning shopper.”

La Nua products come in tinted glass bottles with modern bamboo accents. The glass bottles are recyclable and do not degrade over time, eliminating worry about micro-plastics leeching into the products and users’ bodies.

To view Entrenue’s newest catalog, visit Entrenue.com.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected], or visit Entrenue.com.