Entrenue Shipping Alu Lubricant, Grip Sleeve from Dame Products

PHOENIX—Entrenue is now shipping two brand-new items by Dame Products: Alu aloe-based lubricant and Grip silicone bottle sleeves.

“Dame has wowed the adult retail industry since their 2015 debut, and their consistent creativity leads to innovations like these,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella said. “We love it when a brand launches a complementary lubricant, and Alu feels great to the touch. Grip is also incredibly exciting; there’s literally nothing else like it on the market and it’s such a smart add-on. Dame’s product line has been well received and we expect Alu and Grip to be successful additions – they’re perfect upsells for the upcoming holiday sales season!”

Dame Products’ first-ever lubricant, Alu offers natural ingredients with a hydrating aloe-based formula that rounds out the brand with a slick and smooth consumable. Grip is made to fit around the diameter of Alu’s bottle and makes it easy for users to hold the container without fear of slipping—a novel product never before seen in the industry.

Alu lubricant includes all-natural ingredients that are pH-balanced for vaginal use and safe to use with both sex toys and condoms. Derived from aloe, Alu contains several anti-inflammatory ingredients including Hemp Seed Extract, Quinoa Seed Extract and Green Tea Extract along with ingredients such as Mushroom Extract to help promote blood flow. Alu is safe to use and silky to the touch, with a discreet bottle design capable of hiding at any bedside table.

Grip is a textured food-grade silicone sleeve designed to make any bottle of lubricant easy to hold during the slipperiest situations. Its embossed pattern offers enough friction to allow for single-hand pumping without losing control, while its stretchiness makes it a snap to roll on and off of any bottle. Additionally, Grip can do bedroom double-duty as a sensual stroker.

Alu comes in an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing pump bottle and Grip is available in a 12-piece display containing three colors: Cloud, Navy and Guava.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.