Entrenue Stocking Femme Funn Versa Bullets With Matching Sleeves

PHOENIX—Top pleasure products distributor Entrenue has stocked up on Versa, the newest offerings from the Femme Funn brand, and they're ready for shipping. Versa is a series of three remote-control bullets, each of which can be fitted with one of three silicone sleeves, each available individually or in color-coordinated kits. The Versa bullets and sheathes are being marketed as perfect for travel, for first timers, and anyone seeking convenient versatility with their pleasure products.

Femme Funn’s Versa bullet is quiet, discreet, and waterproof, with magnetic charging, seven power modes, a wireless remote control, and one-button interface. The Versa bullet, available in dark purple, dark fuchsia, and light blue, can be enjoyed on its own or with one of the three sleeves for a new experience.

Versa sleeves come in three shapes: 

• The light blue T Sleeve retails for $26.99 and is designed to mimic the shape and motion of the tongue. As the vibrations travel from the bullet’s core, users feel the soft tip flicker up and down, increasing sensation and pleasure.
• The dark fuchsia S Sleeve was created for deep stimulation. Its curved tip is designed for G-spot precision and its suction allows for a wild ride. Versa’s S sleeve is also harness compatible and ready for partner play. The S sleeve retails for $41.99.
• The dark purple P Sleeve retails for $21.99 and features a textured body that can be used to stimulate pleasure points both internally and externally. 

Versa bullets and sleeves are each available individually and in color-coordinated sets: The light blue bullet and the tongue-like T Sleeve, the dark fuschia bullet and the G spot stimulating S Sleeve, or the dark purple bullet and the textured P sleeve.

“Femme Funn products are genuinely fun and give retailers a range of colorful, quality options at mid-tier price points,” Entrenue CEOwner Joe Casella said. “Femme Funn has always sold well for us and we’re thrilled to offer new items as they come in. These Versa bullets have surprisingly strong motors, and pairing them with their matching sleeves makes them incredibly versatile. Femme Funn consistently offers high-quality toys at budget-friendly prices, and we anticipate the Versa series to be a hit with our customers.”

With bright and modern colors and eye-catching shapes, Femme Funn products are designed for eye-catching retail displays. Contact a Entrenue representative to discuss display and merchandising options.

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