Entrenue Shipping G Releases from Brit Brand FT London

PHOENIX—Entrenue is now shipping the latest releases from colorful British brand FT London, the creators of the renowned G Vibe split-shaped massager.

“FT London is a one-of-a-kind brand, from their shapes to their illustrious packaging,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella said. “Their products and marketing have a signature look and feel, and the beautiful artwork emblazoned on the distinctive cylindrical boxes communicate to shoppers that they’re about to purchase something special. These updates ensure that FT London will continue to stand out from the crowd, and we especially appreciate that the new loop handle redesign, which makes the products even more accessible for users with dexterity struggles.”

New additions to the bright line incorporate updated ergonomic handles designed to provide a more comfortable user experience and a never-before-available color available for two top-selling shapes.

The looped handle design that customers recognize from FT London has been updated with a small opening to make the toys easier to grip, more comfortable to hold, and even more aesthetically pleasing. This clever new handle is available in the G Jack 2, a Bioskin vibrator with a gentle curve and substantial size; the G Jay, a multi-speed vibe with a sleek, realistic shape; and the G Vibe 3, FT London’s most well-known product. This massager features a signature shape that adapts to the user’s anatomy, allowing it to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot, the rear vaginal wall, and the vaginal opening for a uniquely pleasurable experience.

FT London also recently unveiled the G Vibe 3 and cute G Vibe Mini in a new Candy Pink color, giving retailers even more options for the in-demand brand.

FT London products come in eye-catching cylinder packaging with corded lift-off lids, and acrylic in-store displays are available with a minimum purchase. Customers can choose from a large acrylic counter display in shape of split G Vibe with attached shelves and a mini acrylic counter stand. Testers also are available with minimum orders.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected], or visit Entrenue.com.