Entrenue Shipping 'Mojo' Lube, Men's Cosmetics by Intimate Earth

PHOENIX—Top pleasure product distributor Entrenue is now stocking Mojo, the body-safe, pleasure-centric intimate glide/lubricant collection from Intimate Earth. Designed to appeal to masculine shoppers, Mojo offers four glides and three gels, each customized to provide a specific type of experience. Although they were designed with an eye towards male pleasure, they are suitable for users of all genders. 

The new Mojo Glide formulas start with The Warming Horny Goat Weed Libido Water-based Glide, a blend that warms on the skin and uses sexual enhancements extracts to boost the libido. The Anal Relaxing Water-based Glide is blended with natural clove oil to give comfort and pleasure safely and without numbing. The  Peruvian Ginseng Silicone Performance Glide and Peruvian Ginseng Water-based Performance Glide, both featuring Peruvian ginseng to increase stamina while giving consumers the choice of a silicone or water-based formula.

The Mojo Gel formula Prostate Stimulating Gel is blended with niacin and yohimbe to increase blood flow to the prostate and to increase sensitivity for orgasms. The Relaxing Concentrated Clove Oil Anal Gel is blended with clove oil to relax the anal area, allowing penetration to be more comfortable and enjoyable without numbing; and the Penis Stimulating Gel is blended with niacin and ginseng for better erections, as well as increased sensitivity.

“We are excited to expand our Intimate Earth offerings with Mojo, which caters to male users with natural, body-safe formulations,” Entrenue Senior Sales and Buyer Kim Maty said. “We have loved Intimate Earth products for years and it’s been a joy to see them grow and expand. We have received so many requests for male-focused products, and Mojo perfectly answers this call. Entrenue is thrilled to offer a product line that makes it easy for men to take home unique and stimulating solutions to their intimate needs. Mojo also is packaged to complement the rest of the Intimate Earth collection and, like the rest of the line, its formulations are paraben-free, vegan, and body safe.” 

Mojo Glide formulas come in sleek 4oz bottles and Mojo Gel formulas come in sturdy 4oz pumps. Packaging echoes the design of preexisting Intimate Earth products but with black backgrounds and a darker, more masculine feel. 

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